I was studying Scriptures that a well known Christian writer calmed to be proof of the coming Rapture. He was quoting Paul's answer to the church in Thessalonica about missing Christ's coming. I could not understand why God would remove the Church from the earth when it was needed the most. So, I began praying for God to reveal the truth to me. Again I asked, will the disciples be in the Tribulation to the end of the age? I would wake up knowing the answer as an "impression", like a gut feeling. Yes or No? When the answer to this question came it was a clear "Yes! Absolutely!"

Many of my dreams were nightmares of terrible attacks upon Christians by people who otherwise looked like your average neighbor. I saw people killed in horrible ways including being beheaded. Christians were considered criminals guilty of hate crimes causing wars. I was in most of the dreams and the authorities tried to kill me also. I ran. I fought. I was beaten, stabbed and shot, but would wake up before dying, usually jumping or falling out of bed onto the floor, crashing into the dresser and getting up cut and bruised. I had to get a safety rail put on my bed to keep from falling out.

To be sure I asked, "Will the disciples of Christ be in the Church Age Tribulation? "Yes! Without a doubt!" "Will there be a Pre-Tribulation Resurrection?" "No! Absolutely not!" (Revelation 20:4-6) I was also attacked by Satan a lot, telling me this was only my imagination and that nobody would believe me. I prayed to God for help. My answer was: "This is real." This experience continued about six months. The rest of my life was still normal. I continued to pray and dream.

When I read chapter 12 of Revelation I could not understand how another war could break out in heaven as stated in John's Revelation Scripture. Was this a flashback? Next, I prayed: "Lord teach me about TIME. I do not understand the prophecies of Revelation to John." My first answer was Scripture. "Come up here." I did not understand. (Revelation 4:1-2) More prayer…What did "Come up here" mean? I read Chapter 4 over and over and prayed for this every night for weeks. All I got was that John was called up in the Spirit to Heaven's Throne Room….Finally the answer came…."Eternity." I prayed…Is eternity forever? "Yes." was the answer. I prayed ….Answer…"Heaven is in eternity and the answer came back "no time". and Scripture (2nd Peter 3:8): "With the Lord one day is like 1000 years and a 1000 years are like one day." I asked: "Is time in Heaven zero?" Answer: "Yes!" I prayed: "How can I understand Revelation?" For many nights the answer was again…."Time is zero." I prayed: "Please show me. Are the Revelations of John in order of earth time?" Emphatically I got the answer: "No, and they are not in order."

Here is the problem: Most Christians and Jews do not know when the Tribulation begins or the sign that it has begun. Because they do not know what End Times "time" it is, and because they are so sure that God will take them to Heaven before the Tribulation, they feel free to go about life as usual. So, when the time passes into the first three and a half year period of the Tribulation they will not know they are in the Tribulation; and…they will think that the Anti-Christ using his earthly name, is the smartest, most charismatic leader they have ever seen. So any disciple could easily accept the mark of the beast especially if it is just like a bank card and not know it. Satan, being tech savvy, can make the mark of the beast in any number of different technologies. Deceived! Fooled by Satan! Remember, Satan tempted Christ in the wilderness following his baptism. Later I will explain how Satan set up his plan starting from Luke 4:12-13…"when the devil (Satan) had ended every temptation he departed from him (Christ), until an opportune time."