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“Since I have taught courses in seminaries on the Book of Revelation I am well aware of the different interpretations of the “rapture.” Want an alternative to the apparent despair of “Left Behind”? Jim Isaacson gives us a view that relates the relevance of the rapture for the immediate ministry of the Church. According to Reverend Isaacson, some seemingly misguided views (especially a pre-millennial/dispensational view) take the Church out of the world when her influence is needed most. Isaacson’s important perspective brings new insight to the study of our immediate future as the Church of Jesus Christ.”

Robert G. Tuttle, Jr. PhD, Author
Emeritus Professor of World Christianity
Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

  • The following are some of Dr. Tuttle’s fourteen books:
  • Shortening the Leap to Enduring Faith
  • The Story of Evangelism, 5000 Years of History
  • Sanctity Without Starch, Wesleyan Theology of Grace
  • John Wesley, His Life and Theology
  • The Partakers, The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • E. Stanley Jones, A New Beginning.