Satan's Rapture Trap

"Since I have taught courses in seminaries on the Book of Revelation I am well aware of the different interpretations of the "rapture." Want an alternative to the apparent despair of "Left Behind"? Jim Isaacson gives us a view that relates the relevance of the rapture for the immediate ministry of the Church. According to Reverend Isaacson, some seemingly misguided views (especially a pre-millennial/dispensational view) take the Church out of the world when her influence is needed most. Isaacson's important perspective brings new insight to the study of our immediate future as the Church of Jesus Christ."


Robert G. Tuttle, Jr. PhD, Author
Emeritus Professor of World Christianity
Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL

This book is dedicated to those who do not know Christ yet, those who will be reached by a believer's witness and testimony. My prayers go up for those disciples who will keep the faith and the thousands and millions who will benefit from their testimony and their sacrifices during the time of the Tribulation.

Satan's Rapture Trap uses scripture out of context to support his (Satan's) plan of destruction. Satan's deceit even causes the supporters of his rapture claim to defend his plan without a study of God's Word and commission to the disciples that clearly put the saints in and through the tribulation in order to harvest the lost that will accept Christ. Additionally, the prophecies of Daniel, twenty-five hundred years ago, and of John of Patmos, nineteen hundred years ago, explain the conditions that develop at the End and is explained by Christ in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew chapter 24 to the disciples giving us a clear picture of the truth.